the evaluation

What is the Daycare Evaluation?

The daycare evaluation lasts between an hour to 1.5 hours, and allows us to meet your dog and answer any questions that you may have.  We will review the application,  let your dog get comfortable, and introduce your dog to some potential playmates.  We will evaluate your dog's response to new environments,  their greeting behavior towards other dogs,  make sure that they can be handled safely, and decide if their style of play will be a good fit for the playgroups at K9Capers.

Can my Family Come to the Evaluation?

One or two adult family members may be present for the evaluation process.   Do not bring children to the evaluation, as there will be off-leash dogs in the room during the appointment.   If you must bring children with you,  plan on leaving your dog with us for the second half of the evaluation process.

Will my Dog be Approved? 

Do not be upset if your dog is not approved for daycare.   This can happen for a variety of reasons.  It is not a reflection of how "good" your dog is, but a statement about the suitability of OUR environment for your dog's individual personality.   We approve 65% of the dogs that apply for daycare at K9Capers.   For many reasons, our off-leash social groups are not appropriate for all dogs.

Is Daycare Approval permanent? 

There is only so much that we can tell about a dog in the first hour or so.    While the evaluation gives us a good idea,  some dogs suppress their natural behavior until they feel more comfortable.   Other dogs do fine on a short visit with their owner but don't enjoy being left for a full day.   Still others have changes in behavior as they mature and may "outgrow" the daycare environment. 

When is the Evaluation Scheduled? 

Evaluations are held in our lobby  and are scheduled from 10:30am to 11:30am,  Tuesday through Friday.    Evaluations are scheduled in advance and there may be a waiting period to get an appointment time, depending on how busy we are.   

Why does it take so long to get an appointment? 

Meeting new playmates is an exciting but stressful event for our regular daycare guests.   To reduce stress for the dogs,  and to allow new dogs our full attention on their first visits,  we will only evaluate one new dog per day with a limit of two new dogs per week.   We will not schedule any evaluations on another dog's first day at daycare.